Using accounting application you can manage the company's bookkeeping easily. Sales and purchase transactions are automatically recorded into the accounts, so you do not need to re-record documents, if you are managing the invoicing with Eebu. This application is ideal for company as well as for accounting firms. Proof of financial statements and monthly calculation of VAT can be formed by pressing a button, the program calculates them automatically according to current months previous records. With Eebu you can easily do bookkeeping on your own or in co-operation with numerous Eebu accounting company partners.

  • Vouchers recording and editing manually
  • Generating Vouchers automatically from bank statements
  • Purchase and sales invoices are recorderd into the accounts automatically
  • General, client and subcontractor accounting regulations. These can be used to guide the automated bookkeeping
  • Voucher types, which can be edited to fit your company
  • Basic chart of accounts ready, editing possible
  • Accelerators, such as the monthly VAT calculation with a single press of a button
  • Comprehensive accounting reports
  • Balance sheet and income statements etc.